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Rishikesh wasn’t originally in our plan but we heard such great things about the place made internationally famous by the Beatles that we decided to brave the 16 hour train journey and head up there.

We weren’t disappointed. The town is set in the foothills of the Himalayas and is made even more beautiful by the River Ganges which meanders through it. We stayed in an Ashram to try our hand at clean living and yoga – neither of which came as naturally to John as clapping his symbols!

In addition to the agonising ‘stretching’ we trekked into the mountains to see some lovely waterfalls and fantastic views before heading back to Bikaner feeling refreshed, flexible and ready for a drink.

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We learnt the hard way why no one claims the top bunks at the back of an Indian sleeper bus. Terrible roads, the lack of suspension and break-neck speeds meant that we spent most of the ride stuck to the ceiling like Spiderman. This joyride went on for five hours before we were abruptly dumped at an obscure bus stand in the middle of the night in -2 degree conditions. Luckily some kind-hearted guys working the nightshift at a cargo depot let us sit out the small hours in their office where we watched a bizarre Bollywood version of Nightmare on Elm Street.

After the horror movie arrival things started to look up and we were even asked to a party. The host of our guesthouse was holding a blessing ceremony for the opening of his second hotel and we were invited as ‘honoured guests’ ie token tourists. Like all celebrations in India the music was turned up to the max, food was shared and eaten by hand and the live band entertained the whole neighbourhood through massive speakers. John’s newly found hippy hindi side found expression as the bands guest star on percussion. He was a natural!

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So a four day stop turned into an 11 night stay. We found it hard to pull ourselves away from the relaxed luxury of the aptly named Seventh Heaven Hevali where we spent hours lounging around on comfy sofas and swing chairs. However,
Pushkar’s small town charm and spiritual vibe, not to mention the New Year Indo-German rave, were well worth the extra days.

We did get out of town on a couple of occasions, once on motorbikes to visit neighbouring villages and to see the rose plantations. A second outing took us to Ajmer, where we visited the famous Nashiyan Jain temple.

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We got more than we bargained for at the lovely Hadee Rani family guesthouse where we were made to feel at home instantly. We were invited to spend Christmas with the family and fellow guests – a offer we couldn’t refuse.

We rented a scooter on Christmas Eve and went out with some friends, Daniel and Yvonne, to see a waterfall where John had his annual (and solitary) Christmas swim! John also took to the rooftop to try out the local hobby of kite flying/fighting with some success.

Christmas Day was a fusion of Indian and Western tradition. Although we were missing you all at home the people and the food were great and there was plenty of festive cheer.

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We went in search of the wild Indian tiger at the Ranthambore National Park but sadly, had no luck. We did see a massive Crocodile though!

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