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Although not our most gruelling trip to date our journey to Diu was certainly the longest taking more than 24 hours. However, with its palm fringed roads and near deserted beaches we quickly realised it was well worth getting off the beaten track. With extremely cheap beers, its own island rum and tropical sunshine we’ve dubbed it the Caribbean of India.

Being here really feels like we’ve left the hustle and bustle of India behind us and that somehow by crossing a channel of water no more than 1km wide we’ve stumbled upon an entirely new country.

To the extreme west of the island lies a sleepy little fishing village where the daily catch is brought ashore and the traditional methods of boatbuilding are still in full swing. On the eastern tip where we’ve settled in a converted church we can look out over the old town and fort (it seems nowhere in India is without one) to the Arabian sea.

Without doubt the best way to see this peaceful little island (its only 12km x 3km) is on a motorbike. Our little moped has allowed us to whiz around hitting the best beaches and nicest restaurants. John has certainly enjoyed being out of the kitchen and having an array of beautifully prepared fish and seafood dishes brought out for him to enjoy for a change. Meanwhile, I’ve found heaven in the chocolate pancakes and fresh ice cream.

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At night Udaipur really lives up to its reputation as India’s most romantic city. We spent lazy sunny days in lakeside cafes and ate every night in rooftop restaurants with fantastic views of illuminated palaces and impressive firework displays.

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We arrived at night into the Blue City greeted by the sight of the vast Meherangarh Fort fully lit up. We spent the next day wandering round the Fort, getting lost in the maze-like old town and eating twice at the renowned Omelette stall. Another must have is Jodhpurs stuffed chilli fritters.

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Having realised we had to pick up the pace (the sheer size of India had alluded us somewhat) we decided to do a whistle-stop tour of Jaisalmer. We saw the Golden Fort by sunset, visited the ever popular bhang shop and took a pedalo out on it’s small but peaceful lake before moving on to Jodhpur.

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Take two

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Our return to Bikaner was made all the more enjoyable as we were joined by friends from home, Colin and Tina, on our visit to the annual Camel Fair. Hussain and Sandy, whom we met on our first visit, were as hospitable and knowledgeable as ever showing us a side of Bikaner most travellers don’t get to see.

In addition to the Fair, old town spice markets and quirky bazaars we took a drive out to Deshnok, home of the Rat Temple. Here, John and Colin caught a rare glimpse of the white rat believed to bring luck for life.

Big thanks to Tina for kindly leaving a stash of her clothes and other goodies for me before heading home. I’ve been wearing them non-stop. It was lovely to see you both and we hope you enjoyed Bikaner as much as we did.

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