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sunny 28 °C

With tree-lined streets as wide as any European city and a cram of yellow top taxis reminiscent of New York, what’s not to love about Mumbai? We took in the popular tourist highlights; the Ghandi Museum, strolled along Chowpatty Beach and rode around on the notorious Metro (notably outside rush hour when you can expect to be joined by 15 others per sq m). We made it to the famous kebab stall after dark and were also huge fans of their worthy neighbours, Baghdadi, where the pizza sized roti were welcomed after a few drinks in Leopold’s Café. Sadly, due to time restrictions we missed our opportunity to appear in a Bollywood movie – though we were obviously asked repeatedly.

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Ellora caves

sunny 28 °C

Like the neighbouring Ajanta caves, Ellora has to be seen to be believed. We walked around the interior of the Kailasa Temple, the world largest monolithic sculpture, and braved the bats in the intricate cave system once home to Buddhist, Jain and Hindu worshippers.

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Ajanta caves

sunny 27 °C

We were both blown away by the Ajanta Caves. They had long been on our list of places to see in India and we had heard great things from those who’d already visited. Quite often in this situation you can be left disappointed by the spectacle in real life however like the Taj Mahal, they exceeded all expectations. You leave in wonder.

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sunny 25 °C

Vadodara wasn’t much more than a pit-stop for us on route to Mumbai .Or so we thought! Having secured our tickets for our train journey to Mumbai (no easy task), it was more than two hours before we were rather brutally alerted to the fact that we were on the wrong train. Finding ourselves with our bags beside us on the tracks was a scary moment but luckily we commissioned the conductor to secure us a single berth on our new course to Jalgaon and the Ajanta Caves.

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sunny 25 °C

Having spent a week idle what better way to get the heart racing than a 600m climb (3200 steps, we were counting!) at sun-rise. It seemed the least we could do given that that the Jains’ spent 900 years (and counting) building Shatrunjaya, a temple peaked plateau.

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