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The Andaman Islands


30 °C

Everyone who comes to the Andaman’s pays a visit to Havelock and it’s not hard to see why. Home to one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches the island is filled with friendly locals, clear waters perfect for snorkelling and trees laden with fresh mangoes.

We decided to treat ourselves for our stay on this island and stretched the budget to a whopping £6.25 a night to get a swish beach hut. This turned out to be a wise move as we spent the first four days watching the unseasonable tropical downpours from our balcony whist reading and eating mangoes and fresh coconut – no food miles here!

Luckily, the rains relented and the sun returned for the rest of our stay. Most days were spent snorkelling and swimming on our beach which we tended to have to ourselves bar the odd fisherman or stray dog. We did venture out on one day to go diving at a wreck two hours away – and despite the fact that much of the corals in shallower waters were bleached last year due to increased water temperatures there was still abundant marine life to catch our eye.

Having heard that there was great snorkelling at Elephant Beach a short walk through the jungle we decided to take a look for ourselves. Unfortunately, having taken a wrong turn this little jaunt soon became a two hour jungle adventure, barefoot and bikini clad. Things didn’t quite descend into Lord of the Flies but tempers certainly frayed when Kirstin was nearly eaten alive by their winged friends – the ravenous mosquitoes. On the upside, we didn’t come face to face with any of the local crocodiles or cobras.

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sunny 31 °C

Mamallapuram is a pretty nice place to spend a few days relaxing with its small stretch of beach and many cafes. We also made the short trip out to the Crocodile Bank to see some snappers up close which was very fun.

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sunny 30 °C

This charming French quarter will forever be remembered as the host of St Patrick ’s Day 2011, Indian style. Think playing cards and supping Kingfisher beer in grimy backstreet bars. No Guinness unfortunately. But at least it was 25 degrees in the shade.

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sunny 22 °C

Our friend Shiv suggested that we may want to revisit one of India’s largest industries by heading to Kerala’s own tea kingdom, Munnar, which also happens to have been voted one of Asia’s must see destinations . So skipping Kerala’s southern beaches and what was no doubt a stellar St Paddy’s day party (Lads, sorry we missed it!) we took to the hills. Munnar’s cloud touching landscape filled with tea, coffee and cardamom plantations is .breathtaking. If visiting a tea plantation is on your bucket list, make it Munnar.

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sunny 30 °C

You just can’t visit Allepey without going to Thaff’s for an iced-cream coffee and the brilliantly cheap and tasty food. Oh, and to cruise around the backwaters on one of its many houseboats. We’ll let the pictures tell the rest but what they don’t tell you is… on board chef (no, not John! I think he’s retired?), private lake for sunset swims and a couple of other staff to keep the beers flowing and the grapes peeled…

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