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The final stop on our unforgettable journey through ‘incredible India’ was Kolkata. After spending five months in India and more than enough time in big cities we made this a flying visit staying just one night before heading off to the beaches in Thailand.

Goodbye India!

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Stepping out of the jeep after the steep climb up to Darjeeling in many respects is like arriving in another country; the temperature has dropped 20 degrees, you’re surrounded by Gorkas, Nepalese and Tibetans not to mention the clean air. We spent four days with Nora, Charlotte and Christophe drinking tea, playing snooker and celebrating John’s birthday. They very kindly threw John a surprise party and joined us for a hung-over birthday breakfast. We visited yet another tea plantation and were invited into a neighbouring cottage by the rather eccentric owner to sample some of Darjeeling’s finest. We went to the zoo and spent a lot of time eating the world’s best steamed chicken momos.

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sunny 39 °C

After spending so much of our time in India visiting many of the Hindu faiths sacred sites we saved its most holy for last, Varanasi, which lies on the banks of the Ganges. We spent our days exploring the steps, temples and old town with its narrow streets and bustling markets. A portion of each day was spent hiding from the intense heat which would get up to 40c. Easy to see why many residents favoured a dip in the river! We decided to err on the side of caution and opted for a boat ride instead at sunset. From there you can fully appreciate the mass of worshippers that gather each evening.

For the Hindu faith there is no better place to die than Varanasi, it affords one a direct pass to heaven avoiding hundreds of thousands of incarnations. Its no wonder then that funerals are big business here with the costs calculated by the weight and type of wood used for the cremation which happens in the open air alongside the Ganges in one of the burning ghats.

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Little Andaman

sunny 30 °C

Not many people visit Little Andaman. The fact that the 6 hour ferry crossing cost just 30p in itself is indicative of the lack of tourists hitting this small but charming island. The main town is little more than a few shops and a cricket pitch where locals gather daily. We ate in the same simple Bengali restaurant three times a day where we acquired a celebrity status of sorts. When we weren’t eating we managed to make it out to a spice plantation, trekked out to some waterfalls (which involved the risk of crossing a local crocodile!) and got battered around by huge waves on the deserted beaches. Check out the video!!

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The Andaman Islands

Neil Island

34 °C

So we decided to make up the deficit in our travelling funds caused by our hut indulgence in Havelock by taking the cheapest shack available on Neil. This it turns out was a mistake. Whilst I’m all up for being the budget travellers that our bank balance demands I draw the line at sharing a floor (and my mangoes) with a jungle rat.

Neil is also home to some of the best snorkelling we have seen on our travels to date. When the tide is in on the empty beach near our hut it makes for hours of fun swimming with the thousands of technicoloured fish.

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